This is the list of probes currently implemented.

Raw results of the probes execution can be found on the results page.

ID Name Description
code-coverage CodeCoverageProbe Retrieve plugin code coverage details
jep-229 ContinuousDeliveryProbe Checks if JEP-229 (Continuous Delivery) has been activated on the plugin
contributing-guidelines ContributingGuidelinesProbe Validates the existence of a `CONTRIBUTING.adoc` or `` file in the repository.
dependabot DependabotProbe Checks if dependabot is configured on a plugin.
dependabot-pull-requests DependabotPullRequestProbe Reports the number of pull request currently opened by Dependabot
deprecation DeprecatedPluginProbe This probe detects if a specified plugin is deprecated from the update-center.
documentation-migration DocumentationMigrationProbe Reports if the plugin documentation was migrated from the Wiki to GitHub
stat InstallationStatProbe This probe registers the latest installation count stat for a specific plugin.
jenkins-version JenkinsCoreProbe This probe registers the Jenkins core version requirement for each plugin.
jenkinsfile JenkinsfileProbe Validates the existence of a `Jenkinsfile` file in the repository. This file is used to configure the plugin Continuous Integration on
security KnownSecurityVulnerabilityProbe Detects if a given plugin has a public security vulnerability advertised in a security advisory.
last-commit-date LastCommitDateProbe Register the last commit date on the official plugin repository
pull-request PullRequestProbe Count the number of open pull request on the plugin repository
scm SCMLinkValidationProbe The SCMLinkValidation probe validates with GitHub API if the known SCM link of a plugin is correct or not.
spotbugs SpotBugsProbe Checks if SpotBugs is enabled in a plugin.
up-for-adoption UpForAdoptionProbe This probe detects if a specified plugin is declared as up for adoption.
update-center-plugin-publication-probe UpdateCenterPluginPublicationProbe This probe detects if a specified plugin is still actively published by the update-center.